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Pirandello Theatre Society is Currently Holding Auditions
3 One-Act Plays



featured in celebration of Canada &

Audition Requirements

One piece of 2-3 minutes memorized and reading from script.

Please Bring Head-shots & Resume.

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in learning more about the impact that theatrical arts have in our community. Volunteer opportunities are available on a part-time basis, and may include tasks within the following areas:

  • Community and School Arts Program Involvement
  • Special Events
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Office Administration
  • Event Set-Up
  • Photo/Video Documentation
  • Backstage Hands

It is important to note that those who volunteer for PIRANDELLO engage in a wide variety of tasks and activities. We do our best to honour our volunteers’ specific interests, but it is not unusual to work outside of allocated roles.


If you are interested in working with one or many of these areas of The Pirandello Theatre Societyplease apply!

At Pirandello Theatre Society we understand that corporate sponsorship is an important component of supporting the arts and culture sector within our community. We value our relationships with our sponsors and through close collaboration we strive to promote our brands in high-qualities that support the arts and enrich lives.

Our approach to our corporate sponsorship relationships is to organically market the brands leading up to the event through our print and web marketing campaigns, as well as onsite both within the show and as part of our top-tier VIP program and off-site events. Our aim is to provide an experience that follows attendees throughout the year and demonstrates both Pirandello's and its corporate sponsors’ commitment to the arts.

We offer a broad range of corporate sponsorship opportunities which tie your brand to an event that attracts theatre lovers worldwide.

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